Academic Appeals

The Academic Standards and Appeals Committee meets in confidential, closed sessions. It usually meets regularly during the academic year, beginning one week before classes start in August and ending approximately two weeks after grades have been submitted in May. Students may appeal to the Committee to drop or add a class after the final drop or add date, change a grade, extend the final date to submit work for an incomplete grade, appeal a charge of academic misconduct, or request a semester of academic probation. All appeals must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in writing. Students may secure the appropriate form through the Office of Academic Affairs, the Student One Stop Center, or the Office of Academic Records.

Students should complete the form giving particular attention to the rationale for the appeal while making sure to include pertinent facts. Supporting documents, such as syllabi, tests, papers, and statements from a physician or a professor, may be attached. Students should seek assistance from an academic advisor, a member of the Student Success Center team, or the Associate Vice President for Retention and Academic Success, if necessary, particularly if the professor does not make the requested materials available.

If in addition to the written appeal the student wishes to appear before the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee, the student must notify the Office of Academic Affairs to arrange a time at the next available Committee meeting.

The Academic Standards and Appeals Committee may prohibit testimony that is irrelevant or redundant. It will consider all appeals in a timely manner and will notify students in writing after the conclusion of all deliberations.

Typically, a grade appeal takes a minimum of one month to cycle through the various offices where responses and signatures are required before the grade appeal can be presented to the Committee.