Academic Early Alert System

Staff and faculty are asked to submit referrals to the Office of Academic Affairs on students of concern. Referrals are submitted electronically through a link on the faculty portal. The purpose of this system is to facilitate early intervention with at-risk students and to improve overall student success. Referrals may be related to excessive absences, missing assignments, or poor academic performance. Students are then notified if a faculty or staff member has made a referral on their behalf. Notices may also be sent to coaches and advisors, as well as to parents if permission to contact parents has been documented on the FERPA form. All faculty are asked to submit midterm student progress reports on students who are in danger of failing a class. Students who receive these notices should discuss the situation with their professors and advisors to develop a plan to improve class performance or to withdraw from the course. Progress reports will be shared with parents of students with two or more notices at midterm.