Academic Suspension

A student who fails to meet the requirements to regain academic good standing at the conclusion of a semester on academic probation is subject to academic suspension.

Students whose semester grade point average falls below 1.00 are subject to immediate academic suspension, with the exception of full-time students in their first semester of attendance at Wilmington College. First year and transfer students earning less than 1.80 GPA in their first semester of fulltime attendance at Wilmington College would be placed on probation [see Academic Probation above].

Students subject to academic suspension may make a written appeal to the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee. If the Committee views the appeal favorably, the student will be allowed to remain on academic probation for an additional semester. Students should consult with the Associate Vice President for Retention or the Student Success Center staff about the appeal process.

Academic suspension from Wilmington College spans one full semester after which an individual may apply for readmission. During the period of suspension from Wilmington College, the individual is encouraged to reexamine educational and career goals. Readmission is not automatic and depends on an individual's circumstances. If readmitted, an individual will return to Wilmington College on academic probation. Readmission does not guarantee eligibility for financial aid.