Adjustments to Financial Aid

Wilmington College reserves the right to adjust a student's financial aid offer due to a change in circumstances. Circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Student receives an award from organizations outside of the Student One Stop Center. These may include awards from the student’s high school, social clubs,community organizations, Ohio National Guard Scholarships, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, and others.
  2. Student drops or adds course hours. Students who are enrolled for less than six credit hours will be required to start repayment on their student loans.
  3. Student changes housing arrangements.
  4. Student has a change in employment which causes the student to gain or lose tuition reimbursement benefits or the company's tuition reimbursement policy changes.
  5. Changes made to the FAFSA data.

Students are required to contact the Student One Stop Center if they encounter any of the above situations.