Admission Requirements and Application Procedure for Freshmen

To qualify for admission, a student must be a graduate of an accredited secondary school and should have passed all high school proficiency exams. Also, home schooled students should have sixteen units of study and provide an official secondary transcript. Students with satisfactory scores on the General Education Development (GED) Test will also be considered for admission. Careful consideration is given to the academic record, including the pattern of courses taken in high school or home schooling, recommendations from guidance counselors, ACT and SAT results (optional), extracurricular activities, interviews with college admission staff, and other relevant factors. Admission to Wilmington College is based on academic performance as well as social conduct and personal reputation. The College reserves the right to deny admission, withdraw an offer of acceptance or cancel enrollment should knowledge of any social misconduct be learned during the admission process or once a student has enrolled at the College. The preferred time to apply for admission is the fall of the senior year of high school. The following documents are needed to complete an admission file:

  • Application for Admission - the online application from the College’s website at is preferred. There is no application fee required for the online application.
  • Official high school transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores (optional). When presenting multiple test results, the higher set of scores will always be considered.
  • Official college transcripts from each college attended if college work such as College Credit Plus (CCP) or Dual-Enrollment Option has been achieved.
  • In some cases, a student's standardized test scores, personal statement and letters of recommendation may be required upon request

All documents should be sent directly to the Office of Admission, 1870 Quaker Way, Wilmington, Ohio 45177. When registering for a specific test, include the Wilmington College school code numbers (ACT=3362, SAT=1909) to have the results sent directly to the College.