Eight Semester Statement

Wilmington College’s academic programs are designed to enable full-time students to complete them in four years of study at the College. The following guidelines are recommended if the student wants to complete a degree in eight consecutive semesters. Exceptions to these recommendations and conditions may require additional terms of study.

  • Each term the student successfully completes an average of 16 credits hours required for graduation.
  • The student selects only one major and declares the major within the first 28 hours of coursework at the College. The following may require additional time beyond four years:
    • multiple majors
    • adding minor(s)
    • changing majors, concentrations, minors, or teacher licensure areas
    • changing catalogs
  • The student needs to consult the College catalog for information on course offerings and sequencing of courses, considering annual changes in course sequencing.
  • The student needs to consult with his/her advisor regularly.

At the time of matriculation, transfer students will be advised about minimum time to completion based on number of transfer hours.

Wilmington College considers satisfaction of degree requirements to include successful completion of all courses that pertain to declared major(s) and minor(s), and all Wilmington College approved special program requirements, as well as all graduation requirements such as general education, residency, upper division, and total credit hours.

The United States Department of Education mandates that financial aid only be awarded towards credit hours needed to fulfill degree requirements. This requires full-time students have a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester that fulfill degree requirements to be eligible for financial aid. Once a student has completed the degree requirements for all Wilmington College major(s), minor(s) or special programs, additional federal financial aid may not be available. Students should plan their coursework so that minimum requirements and additional courses in an enhanced area of study are met concurrently. Financial aid will be adjusted accordingly if a student is not enrolled in a minimum of 12 degree required credit hours per semester.

For all questions concerning course credit and financial aid requirements contact the Student One Stop Center.