Experiential Learning

  1. The maximum number of semester hours a student can earn through Experiential Learning credit is 15.
  2. All Experiential Learning credit will be posted as ID395 electives and will fulfill no general education, major, minor, or teacher licensure requirements.
  3. Students applying for Experiential Learning credit develop a portfolio which is evaluated by a portfolio assessment committee. The portfolios and recommendations are then reviewed by the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer/Dean of Faculty for final approval.
  4. Students must submit all materials to support a request for Experiential Learning credit according to the following guideline:
    1. Students who start at Wilmington College with fewer than 90 total hours must submit their experiential learning portfolio by the last day of the semester in which they have completed 90 hours or by the last day of their third semester at Wilmington, whichever comes later. In practice, a student with no transfer work would most likely use the 90-hour mark as a deadline, whereas a student who transfers in 88 hours would use the three-semester deadline.
    2. Students who transfer to Wilmington with 90 hours or more must submit their experiential learning portfolio by the last day of their third semester.
    3. Students may submit only one experiential learning portfolio in their Wilmington career.
      Extensions: It is the student's responsibility to complete their experiential learning portfolio within the designated time period. If there are extenuating circumstances, students may petition the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee for an extension. Portfolios should be submitted to the office of the campus where the student is enrolled.​​​​​​
  5. Experiential Learning credits do not count toward fulfillment of the 30 minimum hour requirement for graduation nor do they count for the residence requirement.
  6. No grade is given for Experiential Learning credit hours and the credits are recorded on the transcript under the title "Experiential Learning."
  7. Decisions made by the evaluation team are considered final. Students who think they were evaluated unfairly may petition the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer/Dean of Faculty.
  8. A non-refundable submission fee equivalent to one semester hour of tuition is charged when the portfolio is submitted. Upon final assessment and acceptance by the student, there will be an additional fee of 50% of the applicable tuition rate for each credit hour accepted. The submission fee will be applied to this total.