Fresh Start Program

Former Wilmington College students who have not been enrolled for five consecutive calendar years are eligible to apply for “Fresh Start”. This policy allows the student to start a new GPA when they re-enroll and return to Academic Good Standing. Students must request this option when they apply to be readmitted. This one-time opportunity provides the student a chance to overcome poor past performance. In exchange, students who return under Fresh Start and fail to remain in Academic Good Standing are dismissed. Students returning under Fresh Start are not eligible for academic probation or suspension.

Under Fresh Start, previous Wilmington College courses with grades of C- or above will fulfill requirements for a degree unless a higher grade is specifically required in the student’s major, minor, teacher licensure, or for admission to a program, or unless courses include dated materials that no longer fulfill requirements. Previous coursework earned with a D or D+ will not fulfill requirements. Fresh Start participants are eligible for academic honors upon completion of degree requirements.

Financial Aid Eligibility Under Fresh Start

While readmission under Fresh Start places a student in Academic Good Standing, it does not erase a student’s academic history for the purpose of eligibility for financial aid under the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. However, students may regain eligibility for financial aid (federal, state, and institutional funding) once the minimum standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid have been met. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the One Stop Center to determine the conditions that must be met to regain financial aid eligibility.