International Student Admission Procedures

Quaker colleges have traditionally emphasized the importance of international understanding. For this reason, many classes have an international focus and international students are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Admission to Wilmington College is open to international students demonstrating high academic ability. The Committee on Admission will act upon an application when all the following documents have been received:

  1. A completed International Student Application for Admission.
  2. True certified copies of all certificates, secondary school transcripts, and higher education transcripts.
  3. Three letters of reference.
  4. Official TOEFL scores, SAT scores, ESL Language Centers, or IELTS reports showing level of attainment (sent directly to Wilmington College.)
  5. A certified bank statement and affidavit of support from sponsor(s).
  6. An official scholarship letter from home government and/or outside agency, if applicable.
  7. A completed Foreign Student Aid Application, if applicable.
  8. A passport-size photo.

Language competency will be evaluated upon arrival on-campus. Students with a minimum TOEFL score of 480 to 497 (paper version) or 157 to 170 (computer based) may be admitted on the condition that they take special English language courses on-campus. Students with a TOEFL of 500 (173 computer based) or 900 SAT may be regularly accepted for admission, subject to on-campus testing. The College requires the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) of foreign applicants for admission only if the student has been enrolled in an American-style high school. On-campus employment is sometimes available but cannot be guaranteed. Off-campus employment is forbidden by U.S. Government regulations. Financial aid from the College is limited.

However, it may be awarded each year to a small number of students with high academic ability and need. Please request and complete the International Student Aid Application Form from the Office of Admission if you think you might qualify.

Before an I-20 form will be issued, students must make satisfactory arrangements for the payment of the first year’s expenses.