Leave of Absence

Students in academic good standing who intend to complete a Wilmington College degree, but who need to interrupt their studies for a period of one to two semesters because of a documented illness, financial circumstances, or other reasons must apply for a leave of absence. Students requesting a leave of absence from the college should contact the Office of Academic Affairs for further information. An appeal for a leave of absence after the final official drop date may be approved if unusual circumstances are judged to exist by a committee consisting of the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer/Dean of Faculty, the Associate Vice President for Retention and Academic Success, and the Registrar. For financial aid purposes, a leave of absence is the same as a withdrawal from the college. While on a leave of absence, students will be notified of registration dates and class schedules for the following semester. Students who wish to return after a leave of absence will have to be formally readmitted through the Admission Office at Wilmington College.