Office of Retention and Academic Success

Katie Adams, (2022), First Year Connection's Coordinator
B.S., Wilmington College.

Tammi Carpenter, (2006), Retention Coordinator
B.A., Wilmington College.

Jillia Cook, (2021), Student Success Coordinator
B.S., Wilmington College.

Nate Flack, (2022), Student Resource Center Manager
B.A., American Public University System; M.A., Western Governor’s University.

Von Thomas, (2023), Student Success Coordinator

Deanna Vatan, (2021), Associate Vice President, Retention and Academic Success
B.S. and B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.Ed., Pace University.

Amber Walters, (2017), Director of Accessibility and Disability Services
B.S., M.S., Austin Peay State University.