Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is required by federal law (34 CFR 668.34). When students accept financial aid, they also accept the responsibility for making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree. In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid funding, students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements stated below. Federal regulations stipulate that SAP be used to evaluate student records at the end of each semester (summer, fall, and spring) even if the student is not receiving financial aid funding. Keep in mind that SAP Standards for receiving financial aid funding are stricter than the College’s academic progress standards for enrollment. Just because a student meets the academic progress standards for enrollment does not mean the student will be eligible for financial aid funding to help cover his/her costs. Students who do not complete classes for which they enroll or fail to achieve the minimum standards may lose their eligibility for financial aid funding.

Students who are aware of learning or other disabilities should immediately contact the Academic Resource Center so that appropriate accommodations can be made. A student with a documented disability and/or functional limitations is still held to the same academic standards as other students. The student must be able to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to receive financial aid funding.

PLEASE NOTE: Wilmington College’s SAP Policy is used to determine financial aid eligibility only. It does not reflect student’s academic standing for continued enrollment in their program of study.