Schedule Changes

Courses may be added, dropped, or changed during the designated Drop/Add Days with permission of the student’s advisor. Students may drop or add courses using Web-based registration during the Drop/Add period (except for first-time freshmen and first-term transfer students who must drop or add through the Student One Stop Center). After the Drop/Add period, students must drop classes using a form obtained from the Student One Stop Center. The change becomes official only after the Drop/Add Form has been deposited and acted upon in the Student One Stop Center.

  1. Courses may not be added after the designated Drop/Add period.
  2. A change from graded to Pass/No Pass mode may be made through the final drop date (see “Pass/No Pass”).
  3. Pass/No Pass, once designated may be reversed through the final drop date (see “Pass/No Pass”).
  4. Courses may be dropped after the Drop/Add period up to the date which coincides with the completion of 60% of the session. For a full semester, this designated date will occur in the 10th week of the semester.
  5. A student may not drop a course after the published final drop date.
  6. Courses dropped after Drop/Add appear on the official transcript with a non-punitive grade of "W".