Student Classification

All students are classified as either "regular" or "special". A regular student is one who has been admitted through the Office of Admission as a candidate for a degree. A special student is one who is not seeking a degree from Wilmington College, but taking classes for professional development or for a special interest.

Regular students are further classified according to the total number of credit hours earned in all courses. Students with 0 to 29.99 semester hours of credit are freshmen; those with 30 to 59.99 are sophomores; those with 60 to 89.99 are juniors; those who have earned 90 or more semester hours are seniors.

A student may continue in the status of "special student" indefinitely and accumulate an unlimited number of hours. However, regardless of the number of hours accumulated, all special students must abide by the terms of the special student classification:

  • May not register for any class(es) if the student has been denied admission to the College
  • May not register for class(es) until two days before classes begin.
  • May not have a faculty advisor.
  • May not obtain a degree from Wilmington College until the student has completed the formal admission process and has been accepted as a degree-seeking student.
  • May not receive financial aid funding.