Transfer Credit Evaluation

Credits are evaluated as indicated below:

  1. All credits earned from a regionally accredited institution at the 100-level or above will be transferred to Wilmington College subject to the limits described below. The appropriate academic area coordinator will determine whether the credits should transfer as specific courses or as electives.
  2. Credits are accepted when the coursework is similar in nature to courses normally taught at four-year liberal arts colleges. Transfer approval of any coursework not parallel to courses offered at Wilmington College must come from the appropriate academic area coordinator. A maximum of 18 semester hours of purely vocational or highly technical courses that are consistent with Quaker principles will be accepted.
  3. Acceptable coursework showing a grade of "C-" or better is transferable to Wilmington College. With the exception of physical activity courses, those with grades of "Pass" or "Satisfactory" are acceptable for transfer if it can be verified that such a grade is equivalent to "C-" or better work. Physical activity courses with grades of "Pass" or "Satisfactory" are acceptable for transfer without further verification.
  4. Credit hours are transferred at face value (i.e. 3 semester hours = 3 semester hours, 3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours, 1 unit = 3.33 semester hours)
  5. Coursework from 2-year schools will be transferred in at sophomore or freshman level only but may be used to satisfy an upper division requirement with academic area approval.
  6. A maximum of 67 semester hours credit is acceptable from institutions offering only an Associate Degree Program.
  7. A maximum of 97 semester hours credit is transferable from 4-year institutions.
  8. International credit evaluations and recommendations, subject to the credit hour limitations listed in 1-8 above, are the responsibility of the student and must be provided to Wilmington College by either Foreign Credentials Service of America or World Education Services (WES). Fees associated with such evaluations are the responsibility of the student.