Wilmington College Core Values

The following core values are fundamental to the success of Wilmington College in realizing its mission and vision. These values are drawn from the College's founding faith- the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), from important traditions of American higher education, and from universally held beliefs that serve to guide the best in human thought and action.

Integrity – This value has been described as the value from which all other values emanate and has importance in this ordered list of values. Integrity as defined by the College community as the fundamental requirement to be fair, honest and ethical in all dealings on campus and requires each of us to assume responsibility for our actions.

Community – This value is defined on campus as the desire to create in partnership a learning and working environment that supports and encourages a shared sense of purpose about the importance and value of broad participation, active engagement, open sharing of information, shared responsibility for decision making, and a culture that emphasizes continuous improvement and growth.

Diversity – This value is purposeful in guiding our willingness to recruit, retain and graduate a student body that reflects the global communities that the College serves and seeks to foster our understanding and appreciation of different people, cultures and ideas.

Excellence – This value requires the College to support and encourage a commitment to the highest standards in all areas of the College's mission.

Peace and Social Justice – This value comes directly from our Quaker heritage and asks all members of the community to seek non-violent resolution of conflict and just treatment of the world's resources, both human and physical.

Respect for All Persons – This value is fundamental to the development of a peaceful and just community that values the dignity and worth of all persons.

Service and Civic Engagement – This value seeks to foster all members of the campus community to serve others and to accept individual responsibility for being an engaged and effective citizen.