Exercise Science Major

A total of 56 hours. Grades of "C-" or better required. 


14 hours from the following.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Recommended prerequisites for Physical Therapy - BI230, BI231, CH230, CH231, PH230, PH231, PY130, XS231

Recommended prerequisites for Occupational Therapy - MT131, PY130, PY231, PY433XS231

Recommended prerequisites for Athletic Training - CH230HP100, MT131PH230XS231

Recommended for Personal Training or Strength & Conditioning Certification - HP230, PY130, XS331, XS360, XS363

The Exercise Science curriculum is also for students who plan on a career in Medicine, Chiropractic, Physician Assistant, Cardiovascular/Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, and Dietetics.   

Students will work with their advisor to develop a plan that best suits the student's needs. Additional courses may be needed or lesser may be taken depending on specific Graduate/Professional school requirements. 

Total Credits
Includes 48.00 Credits of General Education