Primary Education/Intervention Specialist Major


This is a dual licensure major, and coursework includes both general education as well as special education preparation. A total of 92 hours is required. Courses must be completed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better, except for ED130 and ED230 which must be completed with a B- or better. This major leads to a license to teach general education and special education in grades PreK-5.

Required Courses

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Recommendation for Licensure
Licensure majors must successfully complete all degree requirements, including admission to the Teacher Education Program/teacher education candidacy and student teaching, as well as meet academic and field requirements prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education and the laws of the State of Ohio. In addition, teacher education candidates must achieve passing scores for all OAE tests required for their respective licensure area(s).

Total Credits
Includes 48.00 Credits of General Education